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  • Javier from Buenos Aires, Argentina image

    "I'm a kayaker and I needed sports cameras to capture me and my friends in action on the river. I'm more than pleased with the service provided by Entrusters, an easier way to buy anything I need that I can't get here in Argentina. It was fast, easy and I loved the chance to meet great people!” Javier, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Javier from Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Brynne from San Francisco, USA image

    I was able to bring Sabrina a new Samsung camera from San Francisco when I traveled to Buenos Aires. She was increcibly nice and also helpful in giving me tips about the city. It was my first time using the Entrusters platform but I found it quite straightforward and hope to give it a whirl next time I have a trip. Brynne

    Brynne from San Francisco, USA

  • Andres Werner en Buenos Aires, Argentina image

    "I recently completed my 9th successful order with Entrusters! This order was special as I ordered my son's 12th birthday present and Allison delivered the Nintendo 2DS from the U.S. to my son here in Buenos Aires. As always, the product arrived perfectly and my son couldn't be happier!"

    Andres Werner en Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • "I used Entrusters to deliver a Jawbone to me in Buenos Aires. Since I couldn't buy it locally, Entrusters made it easy for me to get it from abroad. The entire process was smooth and it was great to share a couple of local tips about BA with Allison, who personally delivered it to me."

    Demian in Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • "Me encontré con mi bolso Domke f2, esta excelente, nuevo, y es claramente lo que yo esperaba. Creo que el sistema que implementa Entrusters es fabuloso, ya que hace mas personalizada la entrega de una compra y se nota que hay preocupación de parte de la persona que trae el producto. Absolutamente recomendable para mis amigos y otros usuarios de puedan comprar por este sistema. Me pareció super conveniente y rápido todo el proceso de compra/adquisición y si, compartiré la experiencia, siempre es complicado tener cosas buenas, bonitas, baratas y rápidas en las compras de internet."

    Christian Aguilar en Santiago, Chile

  • "While in the U.S. I bid on a number of items. 5 of my bids were accepted. I purchased these items using the Amazon links provided, packed them in my luggage, and flew back to Buenos Aires. I must say that the communication with the Entrusters team was exceptional. As a longtime resident of Argentina and a veteran of bringing hard-to-get items into the county I had many questions. They were super-responsive and helpful and the website is very easy to use. My experience was 10 out of 10."

    Jeff H. in Buenos Aires

  • "Grande Entrusters.com con los wrist wraps, esta mañana salieron prolijos los overhead squats antes del desayuno"

    Andres Werner en Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • "Great experience with your service! I delivered a Nintendo 2DS to Andres in Buenos Aires for his son's 12th birthday present. It was great to meet Andres and to have been a part in making his son's birthday so special. Andres even sent me a picture with Agus on his big day. Very cool and totally unexpected experience!"

    Allison H. from Santa Barbara, CA

  • I just wanted to say that the support and the service has been awesome. I wrote a blog post about my experience (in Spanish: http://www.devnod.com/2014/06/entrusters-la-red-para-comisionistas-internacionales/) and i'll be sharing it on a few Facebook groups where we, developers, share info about these kinds of services, as we need to get special things like dev kits and electronic components for our developments. I'll be ordering more things soon!

    David Rene Comba Lareu in Buenos Aires

  • "I've now delivered products to two different countries using Entrusters. I've used the service as an easy way to make extra spending money when I travel. Each customer seemed really happy to be receiving their products and all of them were happy to spend a few minutes sharing their favorite restaurants or bars with me. I tend to know the cool spots to visit when I travel but I've been to a couple of off-the-beaten path places that I would have never known about. The site is really intuitive and there's always plenty of products for me to bid on. After booking my flights, Entrusters.com is always my first stop."

    Max Rodman from Miami, FL

  • "Hace mucho tiempo que esperaba un sitio así. Como Argentino siempre me sentí limitado a comprar cosas, debía esperar a que llegaran y pagar precios ridículos. Ahora siento que realmente puedo comprar lo que quiero, cuando quiero y a un precio muy razonable. Se lo recomendé a muchos amigos de acá y también de afuera, ya que es una buena forma de costear el precio del pasaje."

    Joaquín Trelleira en Buenos Aires

  • Hey there Entrusters team! Just wanted to give you a quick shout out and let you know that the site worked great. The service was excellent and I was able to get the a bunch of stuff that I could not find here in Buenos Aires. Will definitely recommend you guys to my friends that are needing stuff in Argentina and Brasil. Cheers, Martin

    Martin Frankel

  • This was my first time using Entrusters and I must admit that my experience was much cooler than I expected. While I certainly thought it would be nice to bring a few items down and make some extra cash, the fact that I was able to deliver a specialized calculator (much more advanced than anything I ever had in school) to a father whose son needed it for math class was very fulfilling on a personal level. Although I must say that the dinner I treated myself to that night with the money I made was also pretty tasty. I am officially a believer in the Entrusters platform and look fwd to using it next time I travel. Joe

    Joseph B from North Carolina

  • Soy fotógrafa y todavía saco la mayoría de mis fotos con una cámara analógica. Tengo un cuarto oscuro en casa y uso un proyector para revelar pero requiere una lampara especial. No la pude encontrar en ningún lado por Buenos Aires así que unos amigos me recomendaron probar el sitio de Entrusters. Como tuve que comprar la lampara de B&H, usé la funcionalidad de "Shop by URL" para publicar el enlace. Dentro de una semana tuve una oferta de alguien que viajaba desde NYC a Buenos Aires. Acepté la oferta y dentro de unas semana recibí la lampara. La verdad es que la fotografía es mi pasión así que no se que hubiera hecho sin Entrusters y su equipo. Muchísimas gracias!!