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About Us

We’re revolutionizing the way people shop from abroad. Entrusters is a trusted community that enables people to purchase the best products at the best prices anywhere in the world. Trusted, dependable, international travelers contribute their luggage space to help people get the things they love. With our awesome multi-lingual customer service and growing community of users, Entrusters is the easiest way for people to earn money while delivering a little happiness to new friends all over the world.

We believe that all of us should have access to the world’s leading products at the lowest prices, no matter where in the world we are. Having lived abroad for years, we didn’t have access to the same popular products that our friends and family enjoyed back home. We set out to solve that problem.

We’re also travel junkies who jump at the chance to meet new people and love the opportunity to travel like a local. We’re making it possible to earn money with your extra luggage space, enabling you to experience and explore more every time you travel. Join us as we create a shopping community without borders.

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