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Welcome to the Entrusters Blog

Welcome to the Entrusters blog. We wanted to kick off our blog-posting bonanza with a story of four expat friends living abroad. They continued to ask the same questions every time they met up for drinks, “Is anyone traveling soon? I'm dying to get hold of something.” During a trip back home, one of the friends ended up bringing down a fly rod for a colleague, a camera lens for a friend, and an iPhone for his girlfriend. Upon telling the story at the next get together, it dawned on the friends that there must be a better way to organize this demand for goods and thus the idea for Entrusters was born.

As you have probably figured out already, Entrusters is a global peer-to-peer delivery network that connects travelers with people who need things from cities or countries where they don't live. Trusted, approved, international travelers share their luggage space to help people get the things they love and can't find locally. It's simple, easy and dependable. We're starting a revolution, looking to disrupt the logistics industry one delivery at a time. Join the community and get involved - its fun, and allows to you make a new friend and lower the cost of your trip when you travel.

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