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Cool Travel Apps for Your Next Journey

Our friends at Travel & Leisure have created a fantastic (and quite extensive) list of the newest and coolest apps and websites out there which can help you enhance your next travel experience. Each helps you improve your trip in a different way - some focus on cultural activities, others on finding the best prices, and still others help you plan your getaway in the most efficient way possible. Some of our favorites are as follows:

The sharing economy is on a roll (even The Economist thinks so) and is constantly changing the way we live our lives. Traditionally industries are being shaken up every day and travel seems to be one of the hottest areas for disruption given the fine work done by everyone’s favorite, AirBNB. We here at Entrusters.com hope to play a role in helping redefine travel as well. While we have not made it on this list above yet, we are hopeful that we will in the future as more and more people learn about our platform and how it can improve multiple aspects of your trip the next time you hit the road. We see the benefits as the following:

  • Reduce the cost of your trip - a little extra cash might cover a few nights in a hotel, allow you to get upgraded on your flight, or pay for a couple of nice dinners.
  • Get some tips from a local. The person that you will be delivering the product to lives in the city where you are going and is going to be so appreciative of your help that he or she will surely give you some recommendations about where to go and what to see while you are in town.
  • Make a new friend and help him or her out by bringing them the product they otherwise could not get - who knows, maybe you guys really connect, become best mates or fall in love...all that jazz.

The world is becoming more connected day by day and we want to take advantage of that trend and help revolutionize the way people get the products they want.

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