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Brazil Travel Tips - Getting ready for the World Cup

Ibirapuera… Avenida Paulista… Itaquerão… Ipanema… Posto 9… Água de coco… Moqueca… Churrasco…Por favor… Obrigado… Maracanã...Pão de queijo…

If you are traveling to the World Cup in Brazil and you don’t recognize any of the words above, you should look them up ASAP! This is the basic vocabulary you need to know when landing in Rio, Sao Paulo or any of the other host cities. As a Brazilian, I could prepare a long list of other interesting tips and vocabulary, but I decided to sum up some of the key information here, including tips and advice. I’ve read through zillions of blogs and websites during the last few weeks and picked the best of the best below.

From Point A to Point B

The first thing you should do when you arrive to any of the host cities is to learn how to get to the stadium, how many hours before the games starts that you should leave your hotel, hostel or Airbnb rental. Almost as important, make sure to figure out how to get back to your room or where to go from the stadium after the game to celebrate when your team wins (or commiserate if your team loses).

The Brazilian government made some improvements to the transportation system, but there are still a few holes. So, make sure to get the most updated information in your hotel or hostel.

Avoid Bad Stories - Safety Tips

This advice should be paid attention to in every city:

- Be careful about getting into taxis that weren’t arranged for you by a hotel or a restaurant;

- Minimize what you carry on you personally. Take special care of watches, jewelry and travel documents if you must bring them;

- Use ATMs only at secure, indoor locations, such as your hotel or the airport;

- Avoid carrying a lots of cash, and use a money belt (rock the fanny pack!).

Foods and beverages

What can I say about Brazilian foods and beverages?! You will find an enormous variety of dishes, according to the region you are going to visit, ranging from Pato no Tucupi in Manaus to Arroz de carreteiro in Porto Alegre. Don’t forget to try moquecas, acarajés, cuzcuz, churrasco, pastel and the list only grows.

About the beverages… well… this will depend on what you like to drink. But for sure you can’t leave Brazil without trying our fruit juices and caipirinha (and I do recommend the passion fruit caipirinha). You will also and excellent selection of bars specialized in national and imported beers. For typical Brazilian non-alcoholic refreshments, you should try caldo de cana (sugar juice), água de coco (coconut water), chimarrão (a hot tea made with yerba mate), Guaraná Antartica (local soda) and suco de caju (cashew juice).

I know these are just a few tips about Brazil and I’m not even mentioning the parties and nightlife. Below I’ve prepared a list of good blogs and websites where you will find interesting articles about my happy and beautiful country:

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