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Big News! Shop anywhere online.

Our service already lets you search the Amazon.com catalog, request any item, and have it delivered to you, anywhere in the world. We think that’s great, and pretty much unique. But what if the item you want doesn’t appear on Amazon? What if you found it more cheaply somewhere else? You told us you don’t want to be limited to Amazon.com, and we listened. We’re pleased to introduce “Shop by URL” - a great new service that lets you request items from any online store, anywhere in the world, to be delivered to you, anywhere in the world. We think we’re the first to do it, and we think you’re going to like it!

Shop by URL

Here’s how it works

Give Shop by URL a try. Find a product on any online store, copy the URL from the address bar and paste it into the URL field here. Our system will grab some important stuff about the item you want, and add it to your requests on Entrusters.com. All you have to do is add your size, color and the price and click submit. We’ll do the rest! In no time you will start receiving delivery offers in the normal way.

Where can I shop?

We meant it: you can request items from pretty much any online retailer. We’re particularly excited about the opportunities this provides for specialty clothing and other unique items. Here are some great online stores we recommend:

Net-a-Porter | Victoria's Secret | Mr. Porter | eBay | Gap | Bonobos | ASOS | Belstaff | Barbour | H&M

Tell me again!

Here’s a quick example to recap:

  • 1. Browse any online retailer and find a product you want,
  • 2. Copy the URL form the address bar and paste it into our URL box.
  • 3. Add the price and any size and color information, plus the city for delivery and submit! We do the rest.

We always approve each request before publishing it into the delivery marketplace, so we may follow up with you should we need any additional info to make sure we get it right.

We’re really excited to offer this service to our users and can’t wait to discover all of the new products you all will be ordering and getting delivered all over the world.

Shop by URL

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