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Sharing Economy - We Are All Part of the Revolution

Upon first arriving to our website, you may ask yourself, what kind of company is created with the primary objective of connecting people? These days the sharing economy has disrupted almost every traditional industry, resulting in families talking about new and innovative ideas at dinner tables around the world. At Entrusters, we aim to be a part of this movement by creating a global community where travelers offer extra space in their suitcases to help people around the world get the products they cannot easily access in the countries where they live. The crucial underlying element in the success of our platform (as well as other companies in the Sharing Economy) is Trust.

This clear trend in collaborative consumption has resulted in people helping each other by sharing almost everything with complete strangers, from skills (TaskRabbit, Angie's List) to resources (Zilok, RelayRides) to travel (AirBNB, Lyft, Entrusters), igniting a revolution that is transforming the world (Forbes also agrees). People from all walks of life are gradually starting to participate in these various services, quickly learning the benefits they provide. Having tried many of these variations ourselves, we always seek to encourage others to take part in this movement to see how it affects them personally. There are loads of options (apart from the ones we listed above), many of which you can easily discover by doing a basic online search (The Economist lists a few good options here) and by doing so you will see that this collaborative consumption revolution has reached almost all aspects of our daily lives.

We here at Entrusters believe that in order for P2P platforms to be successful, both parties must receive clear benefits while also mitigating risks. In our case, we feel that the Trusted Travelers benefit from the reduced cost of their trips while also meeting new friends with local knowledge in their destination city. The local buyers benefit by being able to obtain hard-to-find or prohibitively expensive products that otherwise they could not access in the countries where they live. In terms of managing the safety of the transaction, we partnered with SaferKeeper, which acts as a custodian for buyers' funds until the transaction has successfully been completed. In addition, the Entrusters platform has a rating system embedded which vets travelers and buyers so that each party involved can feel confident about doing business with a stranger.

The sharing economy is here to stay - this much is clear. Entrusters aims to become a large part of this movement and constantly adapt to improve our value proposition in order to continually enhance the lives of our community members.

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